About Us

AIFarm Ltd  has a senior management team and the Science Advisory Board consist

of Leading scientists in the agricultural field. Its members have served with many of the leading research and academic institutions in the North America.


Who We Are


AIFarm Ltd is an innovative cloud- based agricultural start-up focused on developing, marketing and distributing solutions for Smart Agriculture. The core of the company is a cloud ecosystem of precision farming applications including support systems, forecasting models, pest and disease control and remote sensing

Our Mission



To make farming more efficient and profitable,

while preserving and enhancing the value of farmland


The world is at the edge of the third modern farming revolution and AI farming is an important part of it. The first revolution that occurred from 1900 to 1930s, mechanized agriculture leaving each farmer being able to produce enough for 26 people. Long after that it was the 1990s when the second revolution known as Green revolution took place. Due to scientific progression genetically modified newer set of crops that are pest resistant and needed less water were introduced, leaving each farmer being able to feed 155 people. Global population is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050 and food production must be double of the current levels to feed every person. Advanced analytical capabilities and constantly improving IoT will be key elements in third revolution, making each farmer capable of feeding 256 people.   

AIfarm is analogous to taking a pill to target an ailment. The solutions are highly tailored from the type of crop suitable for a plot to the use of pesticides in targeted regions only. Adopting to Precision farming reduces the production cost and wastage, as tailored needs of each plot is catered to. AIFarm is practiced by adopting analytical software and use of technical equipment. Rigorous data collection is done on soil testing, plot measurement, weather pattern analysis and crop analysis through sensor equipped devices placed along the fields. The data is calibrated to devise conclusions and based upon those results a very detailed and precise set of practices can be adopted.

Our Future


We will continue to leverage the global presence, depth of knowledge, and diverse resources of our company, along with our software and analytics expertise to help farms flourish.

We will continue to listen and partner with farmers to improve productivity, profitability, environmental sustainability, and transparency—to create solutions to key challenges faced today, looking beyond what is possible now, to solve for the demands of tomorrow.


Our Team


Thomas Chan



President, Strategic sales, marketing, and business development experience with a focus on using people skills to open doors and develop long-term business relationships

William O Neal

Legal Advisor


Mr. O Neal has been a practicing business attorney since 1991, and is  serving Arizona businesses since his admission to the Arizona State Bar in 1993. He is also in good standing and regularly works with, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission.

Donald Grant

 Technical Consultant Officer


Experience in research and development, planning, and creative problem solving of various projects including plant micropropagation, functional/medicinal crop cultivation, hydroponics, and laboratory design