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Our unique AI-based algorithm allows us to offer high performance and reliability even where GPS signal is degraded such as mountainous terrain, and under tree canopies.

Weather Modeling


Weather forecasting can help with a farmer’s business decisions. Forecasts can help them plan for the many day-to-day decisions. Detailed weather information, which includes past records, present weather and future forecasts are required

Data analysis


Data anlaysis decisions include crop irrigation, time to fertilize, and what days are suitable for working in the field. The decisions that farmers make will result in a profitable crop or failure. 

Variable-rate fertilizing components


It’s important for a farmer to know the correct time to apply fertilizer, along with the application rate and type of fertilizer to use. Bad weather at the time of application can wash away the field’s profits. 

Digital FarmingSystem


AIFarm Ltd has invested heavily in research and development to ensure its Digital Farming System optimizes every data aspect of crop production and provides significant value for farmers.